Current distribution of uhub provides the following plugins:

mod_exampleExample plugin suitable for testing and development purpose.
mod_auth_simpleDatabase of registered users in text format.
mod_auth_sqliteSqlite database of registered users.
mod_chat_historyLogs main chat into memory, history is cleared on hub restart.
mod_chat_history_sqliteLogs main chat history into sqlite database.
mod_extrasProvides extra features like news, list of friendly hubs etc.
mod_joinsGives users the possibility to set their own message shown to others on login.
mod_loggingLogs user info on login and logout in text format.
mod_logging_sqliteLogs user info on login and logout into sqlite database.
mod_patternsAntispam protection for chat messages and user info checker based on PCRE pattern matching.
mod_restictSets rights to search, download, chat and send private messages.
mod_topicFront-end editor of hub topic/description.
mod_welcomeSends users login message and hub rules.